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This section is for ongoing entries now that N4932L is out of Phase 1 and is a flying plane. I'll be documenting various interesting flights as well as maintainence trials-and-tribulations that I encounter along the way.

Trail Days
I've already flown a few folks, but this trip was the first time we actually _went_ _somewhere_. Theresa and I headed up to the Virginia Highlands Airport for her to hit Trail Days in Damascus, VA. I had just made some changes to the autopilot (finally) and it was working great on the trip. We had smooth sailing until the mountains and then the winds over the ridges started giving us a rough ride (and this wasn't surprising as we had about 40k of wind right on our nose). But we handled it fine, took a slight detour to fly over Damascus, then landed at VJI with no troubles.

Getting into JVI when we launched was not a certain thing, either, as it was still reporting LIFR due to low clouds and mist. We figured we'd either make it in, or divert to some place which was VFR (and there were plenty of choices around, as I made sure of that before we headed out). There were some "hazeballs" actually in the pattern ... but it was genuinely more mist than cloud and posed no problem.

As the day wore on, however, the clouds got darker .. and darker .. and eventually (with all the visiting of vendors and shopping done) we decided to bug out early. We had zero trouble getting out over the first tall ridge line and from there on it was smooth sailing. Well, actually, it was bumpy as all get-out, but we had no worries about maybe getting into instrument conditions after we got past the ridges.

It was my first real trip in the RV. Way cool. :)
Logged : 2.8 hours

Much Time Passes ...
Sine that last entry I've been places. I've done things. And I've neglected to log them. Right now I have 190.08 hours on the Hobbs meter, have had two annual condition inspections, have flown to Oshkosh twice (well, Anderson IN once, and Fond du Lac WI the next time), and have generally had a ball. I've finally finished up my wheel pants and got the plane ready for painting. There is so much that has happened over this span of time it is impossible to convey it here in one summary post. So sue me.

The big news? The RV is in the paint shop. We've seen it in it's white base coat already and it is looking great. In another two weeks it'll be done. In theory. Time will tell. :) I might even give another update here over the next few weeks!

The stats as it went into the paint shop were:

  • Hobbs: 190.08
  • Tach: 154.88

The flight time from KTTA->KRUQ and Boss Aircraft Refinishers was a grand 0.6 hours.



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