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Current Activity : Painted!
Updated : November 30, 2019

Project Total Time : 2772.25 hours *

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General January 26, 2016 Painted!
Flying December 1, 2015 Much Time Passes ...
Flying May 17, 2014 Trail Days
General August 7, 2014 Oshkosh 2014
General July 17, 2014 Repairman's Certificate
FlightTest April 26, 2014 Out of Phase 1

Here is some general information about my kit-of-choice. This will give you an idea of what I'm getting into (particularly the picture of the kit on the hangar floor)!

And when the large collection of individual parts have eventually been convinced they should all fly in close formation, my plane will look something like the one pictured at the right. This is the factory RV-7 demonstration plane, and is a dream to fly.

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